Cats_watching_computer_screen_with_birds_on_it_by_RumnunCatScratchTV.com is a website for cats inspired by my own felines who enjoy watching birds in real life and on the screen. It is a simple solution for baby sitting your cats meanwhile discouraging bad behavior by keeping them entertained. Videos are gathered from local feeding spots and in the future contributors will be able to add to the playlist. Scenes are shot in HD and edited to contain most exciting action. The website itself is powered by WordPress and HTML5 meaning that it will play just fine on your SmartTV or Tablet. Your experience should begin automatically unless you are on Android or iOS platform, then you will need to click Play symbol once. High speed Internet connection is required in order to achieve large and crisp image quality. Due to poor quality of audio in some instances the sound is supplemented by a separate MP3 playlist of bird and forest sounds. Please visit the Contact page if you would like to comment or provide useful feedback about your experience. Thank you.